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Sell Your Used Car To Do Fun Activities in New York City!

Sell Your Used Car To Do Fun Activities in New York City!

Get top cash for old cars

New York City is one of the most important cities in the world and one with lots to do. There is a lot of fun stuff in the city so the possibilities are endless. However, NYC is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Not everyone has the Benjamins to have fun there. But there’s an awesome solution for this.

If you’ve got an old and unwanted car parked around on your property, you’ve hit the jackpot.
All you have to do is sell your old car for cash and you’ll be set to embark on a set of New York City adventures.

Get top cash for old cars, and you can enjoy the following activities in NYC:

1. Helicopter Tour of New York City
The percentage of the world’s population who’ve traveled in a helicopter is less than 1%.
Now, imagine taking a helicopter ride with friends and/or family, AND getting to tour the amazing city of New York City.

It shouldn’t be too hard since there are many who are offering this service. Selling your unwanted car for cash can help you fund the whole trip, so bring your vehicle to us!

2. Sightseeing Cruise
Maybe you don’t like air travel, but want a tour of the Big Apple. Well, say no more.
There are plenty of cruise options available for you, each more luxurious than the last.
The coolest options here are the Manhattan Architecture Yacht Cruise and the Statue of Liberty and New York City City Skyline Sightseeing Cruise (on a 1920s boat).
Both allow you and your loved ones to tour the east coast in style – easily paid for by the selling of your car for cash, of course.

3. Horse Carriage Rides
Central Park is one of the most important parks in the world, and a dream destination for many.
As a New Yorker, you have much easier access to it. Let’s say that you want to tour the park, but want to do it flamboyantly.

In comes the official NYC Horse Carriage Ride, which gives you a feel of how the royals and nobles used to travel around almost 200 years ago.
It isn’t as pricey as some of the other options on this list so selling your old clunker can fund it easily.

4. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt
This combination of sophisticated architecture and technology allows you to view New York City from a whole new perspective.

It can also make for some pretty spectacular Instagram photos.
The tickets are pricey but they’re worth every penny for the vibe that you get. Selling your car for cash in Staten Island or New York City should make this easy on your wallet though.

5. Edge Observation Deck
New York City is also home to the highest observation deck in the world.
It gives you the view of the city plus an awe-inspiring feeling like no other.
It is another premium experience offered in the legendary city.
Honorable Mention: Food Fests in Chinatown and Little Italy
New York City is home to many cultures and their scrumptious cuisines.
After enjoying your day with the activities above, you can visit Chinatown and/or Little Italy to get stuffed on the very best that China and Italy have to offer.

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