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5 Fun Things to Do Outside in the Summer After Selling Your Car for Cash

5 Fun Things to Do Outside in the Summer After Selling Your Car for Cash

There’s an endless amount of fun stuff to do outside in the summer. After all, why would you stay indoors when the sun’s shining outside?

However, many of the coolest summer activities can be expensive. The solution? Sell your unwanted car for cash and have the best summer ever.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the activities:

  1. Camping

Setting up camp is always a fun activity whether you do it in your backyard, or pick a scenic campground.

Once you sell your used vehicle for cash, you can head over to a beautiful spot for camping.

You can sit with your loved ones around campfires, roast marshmallows, tell stories, stargaze, and the list goes on.

The Minnewaska State Park Reserve and Three Peaks are the closest sites to NYC. If you want a longer trip, you can opt for options such as Yellowstone, Acadia National Park, etc.

  1. Water Activities

In the summer, there’s nothing quite like getting your feet wet – literally. There are all sorts of water activities out there in New York.

Kayaking is one of the most fun things to do outside in the summer. It is also great for your physical and mental health.

Scuba diving is a breathtaking experience (no pun intended) that most don’t undertake. While it is a pricey affair, it won’t seem like much once you get rid of your old car for cash.

Water parks are an amazing way to cool down and boost your adrenaline. Want to spoil yourself? You can head over to a nice resort as well.

  1. Gardening

When it comes to stuff to do outside in the summer, gardening is very underrated. This is because many in the city live in apartments and don’t have their own lawns.

Regardless, if you do have a house, you should spend time, effort and money on starting and maintaining your garden over the summer.

A garden not only makes your house look better but it is also great for the environment. You can also produce vegetables/fruits cost-effectively in the long run.

This is one of the cheap outdoor summer activities on this list but costs can rise up depending on your house. Still, if you sell your used vehicle for cash, you won’t have to worry about it.

  1. Antiquing

There’s nothing quite like the good old days, right? Well, you can back this thought up by setting up your very own collection of vintage items.

Some of the best relics of bygone eras can be found in outdoor flea markets. Some items may be more expensive but not when you’ve gotten cash for your used car.

  1. Horse Riding

There’s a fair chance your ancestors rode horses and it is time that you should as well. Head on to the stables and start taking lessons.

Learning how to ride horses is a unique skill that not only improves your body but it also teaches you respect and compassion for animals – enhancing your connection with them.

There’s a reason why most equestrians are rich people – it’s not exactly an affordable lifestyle for many. Hence you should get rid of that old clunker in your driveway so you can pay for it.

Honorable Mention: Rent a Nice Car

Most people dream of driving a convertible when it’s sunny outside. If you’ve got a roadster on your mind, you should definitely rent it with the cash from selling your unwanted car.

Imagine driving a one-of-a-kind piece of automotive history with the roof down and stereo up, with your favorite person in the world sitting next to you in the passenger seat.

If it’s on your bucket list, make sure you cross it off this summer.

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5 Best Long-Term Investments After Selling a Vehicle for Cash

In this day and age, having a side hustle is key if youre looking to achieve financial success.

There are many such hustles, with long-term investments being the strategic and patient way to secure your finances.

But in order to invest, you need capital, aka a certain amount of money. Many want to invest but they cannot as they dont have the funds to do so.

However, if you have an old car lying around, youre in luck. You can sell your junk car today and invest for the long term.

Here are the best long-term investments after you sell your broken-down car:

Mutual Funds

When you think of investing, you automatically think of the stock market, right?

Well, the issue for many is that there are countless stocks to choose from and put your money in. Stocks can give high returns but are usually volatile its all about doing the research.

But if you lack time and dont want to take high risks, then it is recommended that you put your money in a stock fund.

This is a type of fund thatll give you diversification stocks in more companies. Its less risky and is easier than analyzing each stock individually.

The good news is that you need a minimum of $1000 dollars to invest in a stock fund. Get instant cash for your vehicle and invest now!

Growth Stocks

If youre looking for high-risk, but high yield, growth stocks are the way to go.

These stocks are mostly rising stars in the tech world and you have to be careful when deciding which one to invest in.

You have to conduct your research and try not to put all your eggs in a single basket.

You dont need a lot of money to invest in them, but you do need brains and luck. Sell your used car at the best price and put some of it in the stock market today.


There are various types of bonds available for sale, issued by different entities and carrying differing risks. When you buy a bond, you get paid a set amount of interest per year.

Bonds have terms and you are paid the principal the original price of the bond after the term is over. It is a low-risk long-term investment, especially if you buy bonds from the government.

On average, a bond costs about $1000 which is easily obtainable once you get money for your junk car.

Real Estate

If youre active on social media, youve probably gotten a whiff of all the money thats in real estate thanks to all the gurus promoting their investments.

However, the general perception is that you need a lot of money to be able to invest in real estate it is a correct assumption.

But you can invest in REITs and REIGs for as low as $1000 and $5000 respectively (Investopedia).

These amounts are achievable if you sell your old car for cash, so you better get started.


These are some of the oldest investments in the book and the fact that theyre still the go-to in many developing countries is proof of how reliable they are.

They include gold, silver, and precious stones, agricultural products, and even oil. As long as what youve bought is legit, it will be low-risk and will protect you from inflation as well.

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The 5 Best Things to Spend Money on after Getting Cash for Car

Looking for some useful things to spend your money on?

Looking for an easy way to make the money in the first place?

Weve got you covered on both ends

You can just sell your unwanted car for some easy cash and then use it on the following:

1. Paying Off Debt
Getting rid of a pesky debt is one of the best things to spend your money on. It is something thatll give you a peace of mind and allows you to focus on your financial goals.

A whopping 740k people in New York have some form of medical debt (Urban Institute). The simplest way to get rid of it is to sell your old car for cash. It is a great way to make some fast and easy money that gets rid of, or eases your financial burden.

2. Building an Emergency Fund
Maybe youre not in debt but are worried about a potential financial emergency in the future. You might be afraid of losing your job, or maybe your business is going slower than expected. Well, it is normal to be concerned about such a thing after all, life is unpredictable.
The best way to prepare is via an emergency fund in case things go south.

It is one of the most important things to spend money on, but it takes time to build such a fund that can come in handy when needed. Sell your unwanted car for some quick bucks to get a head start on that fund, and watch your worries disappear. Remember, we all go through hard times but they can always be easier when youre prepared.

3. Investing in an Index Fund
In todays day and age, everyones trying different side hustles to get that bag. One of the easiest and risk-free ways to make some passive income is to invest your money in a mutual index fund. But you might be asking, where do I get the money to make such an investment?
The answers simple, get money for your junk car, invest it, and use it to achieve financial freedom! Of course, you dont necessarily have to put it in the stock market. You could open up a store on Amazon, or use it to buy crypto. If you dont know where to invest it yet, make that decision after you have the cash in hand.

4. Going on Vacation
But maybe youre more about enjoying life than making calculated decisions. Well, one of the good things to spend money on is to take a well-deserved vacation. Just get rid of your old car for cash and use the money to travel to one of these excellent destinations in the US.
Youve been working hard all year and it is always recommended to take some time off and let off some steam. It is the best way to spend some quality time with your friends and family and make some memories.

5. Buying a Boat
One of the best things to buy for the summer is a vehicle you can have fun with. A boat should be at the top of your list since theres nothing quite like experiencing the water. The nicer the boat is, the more freedom youll have to go wherever you like. Even a small boat can take you to the many different boating spots in New York to relieve some stress. You dont even have to go boating. The pleasure of owning a boat in the first place is a great achievement and is a great conversation starter wherever you are. If you dont like water, you can always go for an RV or a dirt-eating overlander the choices are endless. So, get some fast cash for your junk car so you can buy that recreational vehicle!

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Start 2024 Off Right With Cash For Your Used Car In Staten Island

Did the holidays kind of clear you out financially? Oftentimes people want to give the most to everyone in the season of gift giving, and end up wiping out their bank account. If you want to start 2024 off right, you should seek a nice pile of cash money to get the year started! In this post well discuss how to start your 2024 off right with a pile of cash for your used car from Cash for Cars of Staten Island.

Why You Should Sell Your Old Vehicle At The Start Of The Year

During the first 6 months of the year used vehicles tend to sell better, so this is the time to act. If you want to trade in your old truck, car, or SUV, youll get the most cash during the first half of the year. This is a well-known fact in the automotive dealer industry, so the very best time to sell your used vehicle is right now!

Recover From The Expensive Holiday Season

The holiday season can really break the bank, we totally get it. However you dont have to mope around that youre out of money this January. To get your bank account rightside up, sell your used vehicle to Cash for Cars of Staten Island. We offer fair market value cash payments for used cars, trucks, and SUVs. The process is simple and we have streamlined everything for maximum efficiency.

Get Funds to Make Your 2024 Plans With Fast Cash

Think of all the 2024 plans you can put together if you sell your car to us for fast cash. Simply bring your used car or SUV to our garage for a cash payout estimate. If you bring your used vehicle to us we can get you a pile of cash FAST. Below are just a list of ideas for what to do with your cash payout:

In conclusion, the logical move is to start 2024 off right by trading in your used vehicle for cash. Its a smart option to do this time of year because this is when cars sell better and for the highest market value. If you have a used car or truck sitting around, why not turn it into a pile of cash? Dont let your used vehicle be a waste of space – bring it on down to Cash for Cars of Staten Island. Well pay you CASH on the spot!

How To Get CASH Fast For Last Minute Christmas Presents

Did you procrastinate on shopping again this year, and need to brave the stores in-person? Stressed out because you didnt budget properly to be able to get everyone a present? It stinks to see those online deals you cant take advantage of because the item will arrive after Christmas, and going to the actual mall or outlets can cost a fortune for something as small as a pair of pants or casual jewelry. Cash for Cars of Staten Island is here to help you solve these problems this holiday season!

Sell Your Used Car For Fast Cash In Staten Island, NY

If you need fast cash in Staten Island or the surrounding area, seek no further for a solution. We can help you get a pile of cash in hand to run around and get all your Christmas shopping done. The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year – dont let them become a drag this year because funds are low. Bring your used truck, SUV, or car to Cash for Cars of Staten Island today for a cash payout. We pay cash on the spot, so you can get the holiday gifts you need! You can use the instant cash in hand to buy a variety of thoughtful gifts this season:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Childrens Toys
  • Designer Clothing
  • Home Decor
  • Christmas-Themed Gifts
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Video Games
  • Electronics

In conclusion, theres no reason to stress over how to get through this holiday season. We understand that money is tight, especially with this economy and the brutal inflation. To remedy this problem simply bring your used vehicle to Cash for Cars of Staten Island for a fast CASH payout. We give you cash on the spot for your vehicle – and top dollar at that! To ensure you get the best cash offer, we evaluate every possible resource for the fair market value of your car.

When you walk out of Cash for Cars of Staten Island, you will feel confident you got a good deal. If youre curious about how the process works, read our How It Works page. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with loved ones, dont stress about how to scrape money together for gifts. Just drive your used SUV or car over to our garage in Staten Island. We are here to help you get a cash payout on the spot, and out shopping for those gifts in no time!

Top 4 Reasons to Sell Your Car in 2023

Like every year, 2023 brings with itself a multitude of reasons to sell your car.

From embracing sustainable transportation to upgrading to the latest set of wheels, theres a reason for everyone.

Whether you’re eyeing an investment opportunity, seeking financial gains, or simply looking to reduce maintenance costs, this piece will guide you through the exciting journey of selling your car.

Maximize Your Returns

During these last few months of the year, you can easily make high returns or even a profit on your car if you bought it used.

The current market trends are in your favor, with increased demand for used cars. By selling now, you can take advantage of this rising demand and maximize your returns.

With the right pricing strategy and appealing presentation, you can attract potential buyers and secure a great deal.

Selling your unwanted car for cash is also a lot easier these days.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a cash payment for your car for its value and make a significant return on your investment.

Upgrade to the Latest

Looking to stay ahead of the curve? Selling your car in 2023 opens up an exciting opportunity to upgrade to the latest models and embrace cutting-edge features.

With advancements in technology, safety, and performance, newer vehicles offer a whole new level of driving experience.

From advanced driver-assistance systems to state-of-the-art infotainment, upgrading to the latest car allows you to enjoy the latest innovations and stay connected on the road.

So why settle for outdated features when you can level up and experience the thrill of driving in the future?

Get ready to hit the road in style and upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Tired of costly repairs and maintenance expenses?

Getting a cash payment for your car can be a smart move to decrease your maintenance costs.

As vehicles age, they often require more frequent repairs, which can add up over time.

By selling your car now, you can avoid these escalating expenses and potentially save a significant amount of money.

Plus, newer cars typically come with warranties and advanced technology that can help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

So why continue pouring money into repairs when you can sell your car and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reduced maintenance costs?

It’s time to sell your old car for cash to say goodbye to those hefty repair bills and embrace a more cost-effective driving experience.

Embrace Sustainable Transportation

With pollution and global warming on the high, selling your used car in 2023 allows you to embrace sustainable transportation options.

By transitioning to alternative modes of transportation such as public transit, biking, or carpooling, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Selling your car also frees up space in your garage and on the roads.

Additionally, with the rise of electric vehicles, you have the opportunity to switch to a more eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Cash Payment for Your Car Cash for Cars of Staten Island

There are many ways of selling your car in 2023, but what if you receive a full cash payment upfront?

Well, you can avoid the complexities of financing and non-stop haggling with the buyer.

By selling your car for cash, you have immediate access to the funds and can use them as you please.

Whether you want to put the money towards a new purchase, invest, or simply save, having the full payment in hand gives you the freedom to make financial decisions that suit your needs.

It’s time to unlock the financial benefits and make the most out of your car sale!

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Fund Your Last Minute Summer Trip by Selling Your Old Car

The best summer trip is the unplanned one thats taken at the very last minute!

As the season ends and fall approaches, theres a fair chance that youre behind on your summer travel plans.

This could be due to a variety of reasons, with a lack of funds being a major one.

But fret not, as you can simply have one of the best summer vacations ever by selling your old car for cash!

The following are five of the best places to travel in summer and you can sell your old car for cash to fund the trip:

  1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Easily the most famous national park in the world, its no surprise how Yellowstone is one of the best places for summer vacation.

If you want a break from the concrete jungle thats New York City, then Yellowstone should be the perfect getaway for you.

This is because of its beautiful landscapes, interesting wildlife, and one of the rarest phenomena on the planet geysers.

  1. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is one of the best all-season travel destinations. So naturally, its one of the best places to go for summer vacation.

If you want to fill your Instagram account with breathtaking pictures, then this is the best choice. This is because of how beautiful the lake and the climate are making it perfect for picnics.

You can camp out or book a hotel room with a nice view. The lake is an awesome spot for canoeing and kayaking. There are serene state parks and impressive mountain trails here.

  1. Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts

Heading to Marthas Vineyard should ensure that you have one of the best summer beach vacations of your life.

You can also witness lighthouses, eat the best seafood, go hiking, or spend your day bird watching. For the best view of the place, you can go sailing as well.

However, Marthas vineyard is also one of the most expensive spots in the States. Thankfully, selling your unwanted car for cash can help fund the costs.

  1. Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

If youre looking for one of the more underrated and cheap places to travel in the summer, then you shouldnt miss out on Spearfish Canyon.

If you love mother nature, then this is an area that offers it all from streams and waterfalls to hills and mountains. The wildlife youll spot is the icing on the cake.

The people of culture will definitely appreciate the memorials and museums dedicated to native Americans.

So, what are you waiting for? Get behind selling your old clunker for cash and make it happen!

  1. Seward, Alaska

Alaska is truly a wondrous state and one that every New Yorker must check out at least once in their lifetime.

Sure, Seward is really far away but youll experience many things that youve probably never witnessed in any summer season.

This includes sunlight pretty much the entire day, colder temperatures, glaciers, and unique scenery. The amazing seafood cannot be understated.

Honorable Mention: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

One of the best summer weekend getaways from New York is Cape Cod. If you want to get your feet wet (literally), this is a destination thatll do perfectly.

You get it all from sandy beaches to never-ending coastlines where you can be one with the ocean. You can do all sorts of sea-related activities here which includes whale watching.

Car Buying Business in Staten Island Cash for Cars of Staten Island

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Sell Your Car To Fund A West Coast Trip

Have you always lived in the Northeast? Stuck around New York City or New England most of your life? Confined to the East Coast for years? You need to get out there and live a little. Life is short, so make the most out of it by planning your trip to see the Pacific coastline. You can easily turn an old, unwanted car or truck into a pile of cash to fund your West Coast trip. Cash for Cars of Staten Island is here to help you get this moving in the right direction! In this blog we will highlight some amazing places to take your funds from the transaction to make an unforgettable summer vacation.

Sell Your Car To Visit Seattle and Mount Rainier National Park

Of all the places to visit along the Pacific coast, the Pacific Northwest is among the most magical. Hit Seattle or any of the surrounding areas, which includes Mount Rainier National Park, anytime May through September for unmatched temperatures and incredible sights. This is not to say Summer months are the only time to go, but from experience we know those are outstanding temperatures and most things are open that may be seasonal.

Bring your used car, truck, or SUV to our garage for a cash payment to get your ticket to Seattle! The city has a vibrant nightlife, unmatched food, and an enchanting waterfront full of all kinds of activities. Let Cash for Cars of Staten Island help you turn that old hunk of metal into beautiful CASH. We recommend this part of the Pacific Northwest because of how much there is to do. While youre in the Seattle area try to visit Mount Rainier National Park – one of Americas most breathtaking national parks. It has it all: hiking, natural landmarks, waterfalls, and camping. Sitting at over 14,000 feet above sea level Mount Rainier is one of the most iconic parts of Seattle’s landscape.

Sell Your Car For Cash To Explore San Francisco

Another really important pit stop for a West Coast tour is San Francisco, California. Quite a bit south of Seattle, San Francisco sits almost in the middle of Californias enormous coastline. There are multiple flights daily so you can get airfare from NYC to San Francisco for reasonable prices. Bring your used car to our garage on Staten Island for a FREE payout quote. We can help you get your San Fran trip moving!

San Francisco has a huge music history, being the birthplace of many classic rock names such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Grateful Dead. Stop by the historic intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets, essentially where the Grateful Dead started their epic journey. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects the mainland to the barrier island across the San Francisco Bay. There are also many other fun experiences to be had in the Bay Area. Fund the lodging and plane ticket with a pile of CASH from Cash for Cars of Staten Island. We are here to help you get your Pacific coast tour underway.

Explore Southern California With a Pile of CASH

Perhaps the most exciting part of the West coast experience is Southern California. This is a quite expensive place to live, but you can do this vacation on a budget as long as you shop around for your lodging. If you sell us your used car or SUV we can provide the cash needed for a jam packed trip to Southern California.

Key highlights from Southern California are Long Beach and San Diego. Long Beach, CA is known for its waterfront bars and restaurants, parks, fishing, and excellent surfing. Visit Joe Josts bar, its the original dive bar in Long Beach, established in 1924. You should also add San Diego to your Pacific coast tour. San Diego is well known for unparalleled quality restaurants and pristine, white sand beaches. While in San Diego you absolutely have to visit Coronado Beach, its one of the most beautiful in the country.

In conclusion, bring your used car, truck, or SUV to Cash for Cars of Staten Island. We can offer top dollar for your used vehicle, so you can afford an epic West coast tour! Call or stop by our garage with your vehicle for a FREE quote.

Sell Your Used Car To Do Fun Activities in New York City!

New York City is one of the most important cities in the world and one with lots to do. There is a lot of fun stuff in the city so the possibilities are endless. However, NYC is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Not everyone has the Benjamins to have fun there. But theres an awesome solution for this.

If youve got an old and unwanted car parked around on your property, youve hit the jackpot.
All you have to do is sell your old car for cash and youll be set to embark on a set of New York City adventures.

Get top cash for old cars, and you can enjoy the following activities in NYC:

1. Helicopter Tour of New York City
The percentage of the worlds population whove traveled in a helicopter is less than 1%.
Now, imagine taking a helicopter ride with friends and/or family, AND getting to tour the amazing city of New York City.

It shouldnt be too hard since there are many who are offering this service. Selling your unwanted car for cash can help you fund the whole trip, so bring your vehicle to us!

2. Sightseeing Cruise
Maybe you dont like air travel, but want a tour of the Big Apple. Well, say no more.
There are plenty of cruise options available for you, each more luxurious than the last.
The coolest options here are the Manhattan Architecture Yacht Cruise and the Statue of Liberty and New York City City Skyline Sightseeing Cruise (on a 1920s boat).
Both allow you and your loved ones to tour the east coast in style easily paid for by the selling of your car for cash, of course.

3. Horse Carriage Rides
Central Park is one of the most important parks in the world, and a dream destination for many.
As a New Yorker, you have much easier access to it. Lets say that you want to tour the park, but want to do it flamboyantly.

In comes the official NYC Horse Carriage Ride, which gives you a feel of how the royals and nobles used to travel around almost 200 years ago.
It isnt as pricey as some of the other options on this list so selling your old clunker can fund it easily.

4. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt
This combination of sophisticated architecture and technology allows you to view New York City from a whole new perspective.

It can also make for some pretty spectacular Instagram photos.
The tickets are pricey but theyre worth every penny for the vibe that you get. Selling your car for cash in Staten Island or New York City should make this easy on your wallet though.

5. Edge Observation Deck
New York City is also home to the highest observation deck in the world.
It gives you the view of the city plus an awe-inspiring feeling like no other.
It is another premium experience offered in the legendary city.
Honorable Mention: Food Fests in Chinatown and Little Italy
New York City is home to many cultures and their scrumptious cuisines.
After enjoying your day with the activities above, you can visit Chinatown and/or Little Italy to get stuffed on the very best that China and Italy have to offer.

Cash for Cars of Staten Island Is The Best Car Buying Business in New York City
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Well help pay for your fun-filled New York City adventures – all you have to do is bring your used car, SUV, or truck to us at 49 Elizabeth Street, Garage #5 in Staten Island. We’ll give you an instant CASH payout to get you out there to enjoy the Big Apple! Call us at 917-238-1640 or fill out our form.

How To Get Valentines Day Present CASH Fast

Valentines Day is both the most romantic and the most stressful holiday of the year. The reason its the most romantic holiday is because the day was created specifically for lovers. There is no suggestion of having a family meal together, or a large gathering on Valentines Day. Its just about two people and their love for each other. It can however be the most stressful holiday because it comes right after Christmas cleared the bank, and now you need buy even more gifts! It can be very stressful coming up with cash for a Valentines present after an expensive Christmas holiday.

Valentines day does not need to be so stressful this year. Cash for Cars of Staten Island has the solution for you. Turn your used vehicle into CASH to get that extra special someone a phenomenal Valentines present. You can impress your loved one without having to break the bank. Simply bring your used car, truck, or SUV to our garage at 49 Elizabeth Street in Staten Island. Cash for Cars of Staten Island will offer you an instant CASH payout for your vehicle.

With a cash payment you can buy a wide variety of Valentines presents for your lover. Perhaps a new pearl necklace? Possibly a super fancy dress watch? Would she like a diamond crusted bracelet? Maybe you can surprise them with 2 tickets to a destination you know would be a romantic getaway! Whatever you choose to buy them, it doesnt have to clear out your checking account this Valentines Day. Instead, bring your used car or truck to Cash for Cars of Staten Island.

In conclusion, Cash for Cars of Staten Island has the best solution to your annual Valentines dilemma! Were here to help you get your Valentine a spectacular gift without having to clear your account. Stop by our garage for an instant cash payout for your used car, truck, or SUV. We will give you a fair price for your vehicle in an INSTANT CASH PAYOUT. Now how can you beat that? Call or visit us today to get that spectacular gift for your significant other!